Deep sea / Coastal fishing

Project summary


Horal DV Co. Ltd. is a resident of the Free Port of Vladivostok and has privileges and preferences stipulated by the current legislation of the Russian Federation, as well as signed agreements of support and cooperation with the regional administration (Administration of Primorsky Krai) and the Ministries of the Russian Federation.
Horal DV Co. Ltd owns the following assets:
1. Fishing trawlers, 12 vessels, 47m (920kW) market value over 30 millions USD.
2. Coastal fishing seiner (19m), the market value of more than 150 thousands USD.
The company has quotas for the catching of more than 28 species of fish including: 1050 tons of shrimp, 125000 tons of squid, 7000 tons of anchovies, 4000 tons of mackerel, 3000 tons of saury, etc. Total amount of quotas is more than 159 000 tons with value of this asset is more than 280 000 000 USD.
At present time the TOTAL MARKET VALUE OF ASSETS of Horal Co. Ltd. IS MORE THAN 310 000 000 USD
The company plans to build 10 fishing trawlers with a length of 53 m,  and market value of more than 50 000 000 USD.
The company needs additional financing for operating and production expenses.